REWARDHeat / Celsius Policy Workshop

Delivering Environmental Objectives Through Sustainable Heating and Cooling: A New Generation of District Heating and Cooling Networks

11:45 – 13:30, 17 March 2022, TownHall Europe, Brussels

With recent revisions to both the RED and EED, increased attention is now being paid to the decarbonization of the heating and cooling sector. DHC represents the most economically viable and energy efficient solution for delivering sustainable heating and cooling, driving the uptake of renewable energy sources and reducing local air pollution in the process. But what role will this technology play in the energy system in 2030, and 2050? This first roundtable will discuss the potential of district heating at European level. With the right support measures, DHC could supply as much as 50% of the European heat demand by 2050, helping to deliver Europe’s ambitious climate targets. To deliver this huge potential, local level actions are required. Cities, municipal authorities and other local government actors have a key role to play in the roll out of modern DHC systems. The second roundtable will look at the importance of fostering energy planning skills, to empower these actors to develop local action plans and strategies, for the decarbonization of their heat supply.


Opening remarks

  • Florence Ranson (Moderator)

REWARDHeat Policy Position Paper

  • Jack Corscadden (Euroheat & Power)

Roundtable 1: Realising the potential of renewable DHC through European policy

  • Pauline Lucas (Euroheat & Power)
  • Ralf-Roman Schmidt (AIT / RHC-ETIP)
  • Amélie Ancelle (Energy Cities)

Roundtable 2: Local actions for a sustainable heat supply

  • Riccardo Battisti (Ambiente Italia)
  • Aksana Krasatsenka (Celsius Initiative)
  • Matteo Pozzi (Optit)