REWARDHeat Project

The REWARDHeat (Renewable and Waste Heat Recovery for Competitive District Heating and Cooling Networks) project - launched in October 2019, bringing together 28 partners from 10 different European countries. Coordinated by Eurac Research, the project will work on the development and installation of 8 different innovative district heating networks in different European cities. These networks aim to drastically reduce the consumption of fossil energy for heating and cooling, thus reducing emissions of CO2 and other harmful pollutants.

Thanks to the co-financing of the European Commission, 8 different district heating networks are installed simultaneously in Europe as part of a close collaboration between research institutions, technology producers and energy companies. Low-temperature district heating introduces a substantial change in the thermal energy market, allowing individual customers to produce energy for the network, as well as take advantage of its heat. The overall aim of REWARDHeat is to demonstrate a new generation of low-temperature district heating and cooling networks, which will be able to recover renewable and waste heat, available at low temperature. 

REWARDheat foresees the realization of massive interventions in the pilot areas while contributing concretely to the development of the energy system of large European cities. The cost-effective solutions developed for district heating and cooling systems, should satisfy over 80% of the energy demand of the system with renewable and waste heat sources.