DHC Investor Workshop

The REWARDHeat DHC Investor workshop took place on 24th June from 10:30-12:00 CET. The event focused on potential investors in the field of district heating and cooling to inform about the potential of the project’s innovations and to explore ways to leverage private financing into the sector.

To learn more about investing in DHC projects and on how to overcome the financial challenges facing the sector, so that it can fulfil its true potential.

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10:30-11:15 Panel Discussion

• Emma Coker (Bloomberg/BNEF) – moderator

• Tobias Popovic (Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences)

• Olivier Delpon de Vaux (ASPER Investment Management)

• Gabriele Pesce (DHC+ Technology Platform / Euroheat & Power)

11:15-12:00 Interactive whiteboard session “Leveraging investment into DHC”

• Using MIRO platform, facilitated by Emma Coker